Country run by f**knuts somehow f**ked

THE chief medical officer has informed Britain that none of the comforting bollocks it is telling itself about coronavirus is remotely accurate. 

Professor Chris Whitty joined chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance to blow away all the nice little illusions the UK has allowed itself about why Covid will not affect them in any way.

Viewer Nathan Muir said: “I turned on the TV, confident I would see proper serious experts confirm everything I’d learned on social media about this coronavirus basically being nothing to worry about.

“Instead they callously and heartlessly informed me that it’s not a weaker strain, that it’s not just young people getting it, that there’s no herd immunity and that if infections continued to rise so would deaths. Talk about a buzzkill.

“Even at the vaccine bit, which my mate Martin said on WhatsApp they’ve discovered already and he’s had it, they were all like ‘probably not until next year’.

“I don’t know why they let these people on if they’re just going to deliver cold, hard truths in an unfriendly way. Frankly it’s insensitive. Can we fire them?”

The unambiguous, factual message delivered by the pair will be completely confused in a later address by the prime minister, who will say anything that might make people like him.

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