Mums’ WhatsApp group sharing helpful tips on freebasing

A GROUP of mums are supporting each other through lockdown by pooling their knowledge about getting high.

The mothers started messaging each other when the crisis began, and have branched out from sending homeschooling tips to sharing insights on scoring and smoking hard drugs.

Eleanor Shaw said: “I don’t know where I’d be without fellow mums helping me through this. It’s a stressful time and sometimes you just need to get turnt up.

“Emily sent some great collage ideas, and Lisa has been all over fun phonics exercises, but it wasn’t until Carolyn sent a guide to freebasing that we knew there was a way to cope with having our children at home.”

Carolyn Ryan said: “I came to a point where baking gingerbread men was not enough to get me through the day, which is when I thought about class As.

“It’s sweet because the dads have their own group too where they share advice about building treehouses and betting on backstreet dog fights.

“We all love our children and I’m so happy our little community is finding a way to be the best parents we can be.”

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