Amazfit teases new health-oriented smart wearables

Just a couple of days ago Amazfit unveiled the GTR 2 and GTS 2, a pair of long-lasting smart watches with blood-oxygen sensors. Now the company is teasing a journey to “Where style meets health”, which sounds like it is working on even more advanced health-tracking features.

We’re in for quite a wait, however, as the event will take place on October 27 – that’s right, over a month from now. What does Amazfit have in store to get the hype train going so early? We only have this vague image to work with for now.

Amazfit teases new health-oriented smart wearables

Presumably, this is a close up of a round smartwatch, similar to the Amazfit GTR 2. Or maybe it is the GTR 2 itself, which is available only in China for now. This could be its global launch and (probably) the GTS 2 will tag along.

Whether an entirely new device will be unveiled at the October 27 event, we can’t say yet. All Amazfit says is that it will offer “A new classic essential”.

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