Weekly poll results: the Poco X3 NFC strikes gold

Last week’s poll leaves little doubt – the Poco X3 NFC strikes a perfect balance between how much it costs and what it delivers. Two thirds of the votes went in its favor and the comment section was pretty positive as well.

It starts off with the price – at €230 it slips under much of the available competition. “Available” is a key word as one commenter pointed out as the AliExpress store has stock in Europe. This means no import headaches while similarly value-for-money phones often come from China (and thus are subject to duties, long shipping times and customs trouble). Note that the current price is actually €200, but that’s a promo discount that will go away soon.

Xiaomi nailed the spec sheet too, that 120Hz LCD is a highlight of the phone, as are the chipset and battery. Well, it’s not quite perfect – the two 2MP modules are seen as mostly superfluous and there was an even bigger complaint.

Weekly poll results: the Poco X3 NFC strikes gold

Nearly 1 in 5 people would have been happier with the Poco X3 if it had 5G connectivity. Of course, the value of that strongly depends on where you live – some countries aren’t getting 5G coverage anytime soon.

Then again many countries already have active 5G networks and there is a growing list of compatible phones to choose from. Crucially, however, none of these phones goes for under €250.


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