Robert Downey Jr.’s OnePlus 8 Pro ad goes live

Here’s that OnePlus 8 Pro ad starring Robert Downey Jr. that we’ve been waiting for a month. To refresh your memory, RDJ also did ads for the OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T. Anyway, on to the new one.

This ad is lighthearted and fun, but does a surprisingly good job of showing off all the new features – wireless charging, 5G, water resistance and, of course, that cool new green color.

Now, we’ve never said “I am Iron Man”, at least not on film, but we also spent some time with the OnePlus 8 Pro – you can find our thoughts on the new flagship in our hands-on review (we also handled its sibling, so you can check out our OnePlus 8 hands-on review as well).

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