OnePlus with official statement why the 5 and 5T’s update has been delayed

Although the OnePlus 5 and 5T are three-year-old phones, the stream of software updates hasn’t been cut yet. In fact, there’s a relatively big update coming to both of these phones, but there’s a hold up on OnePlus’ side. The company explains why in a post in the community forum.

OnePlus with official statement why the 5 and 5T's update has been delayed

The OxygenOS Product Lead has opened up about the delay saying that there’s a big issue with the communication module. Moreover, OnePlus isn’t able to solve this by itself, so it has to reach out to carriers, collaborate and squash the bug. The product team’s highest priority right now is pushing the OnePlus 5 and 5T update as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, though, OnePlus isn’t able to give a time frame as there are many factors involved and the product team can’t pinpoint a date for now.


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