Digital artist draws BTS using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and the included S Pen

What could you do if you had a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and heaps of talent? You could, for example, draw the members of BTS, each holding a different Samsung Galaxy device – Z Flip 5G, Z Fold2, the tablet itself and so on.

Digital artist Young-eun Lee (a.k.a. mingmiraclegreen) did just that, you can watch a time lapse of the process below. Note that she is demonstrating the Tracing feature of Clip Studio, which is intended to help beginners by allowing them to draw over a photograph.

You can follow the Source link for a Q&A with the artist. Lee describes the experience of using the S7+ slate and gives out some helpful tips – like using Multi Window to keep a reference image on the side while you draw.

Note that Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ buyers get to use the Clip Studio Paint EX app featured in the video for 6 months free of charge (the app is normally $2.50 a month).


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