Britain will always associate this difficult time with that lube advert

THE UK has confirmed that it will always associate this tough and tragic time with that lube advert that is never off the air. 

The advert, which features the once-heard-never-forgotten phrase ‘Bit dry down there?’ will bring back memories of being locked down in a global pandemic whenever Britons see it, which they hope will be never.

Susan Traherne said: “Lube? The world as we know it has ended, and you’re trying to sell me lube?

“I mean, I guess it’s still a valid product. I can see why it’s still on when all the clothes and car companies have cancelled their ads. But it’s four times an hour.

“Are people really going on their weekly shop, gloved and masked, and popping a bottle of Durex Naturals Intimate Gel on top of their potatoes? Are sales booming? Am I the only one who’s not doing this?”

Steve Malley agreed: “I’m watching a lot more terrestrial telly since all this started because it makes things feel normal. Apart from that advert.

“For the rest of my life when I hear the words ‘Ladies, let’s lube’ I’ll flash straight back to these dark days.”